War Remnants Museum

The War Remnants Museum is currently one of the most popular museums in Vietnam, attracting approximately half a million visitors per year. According to the museum's own estimates, about two-thirds of these are foreigners. It contains exhibits relating to the Vietnam War and the first Indochina War involving the French colonialists. TripAdvisor readers have picked Saigon’s War Remnants Museum among the world’s top 10 museums in 2018.


Address: 28 Vo Van Tan, Ward 6, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City.

Opening: 7:30 am–6:00 pm.

Fare: 40,000 dong. Children under 6 years old: Free of charge.

Offical Website: www.baotangchungtichchientranh.vn

Vietnamese: Bảo Tàng Chứng Tích Chiến Tranh

Founded in 1975, the museum on Vo Van Tan Street in District 3 is a must-see for anyone who wants to know Vietnam’s history.

It has more than 20,000 artifacts, images, and documentaries that relive the atrocities, including war crimes perpetrated by colonial and imperial forces, and millions of Vietnamese suffer the consequences to this day.

In the regional ranking, the War Remnants Museum tops the list, beating the Palace Museum in China’s Forbidden City and Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum in Japan.


Form Ben Thanh Market to War Remnants Museum is about 1,3km. You can get there by foot, taxi or Grabtaxi.


In departure, you enter: "Ben Thanh Market".

In destination, you enter: "War Remnants Museum".

Then click on "Start" and follow the instructions.

Similarly, if you come from another place.

If you walk, you will take about 15 minutes.

If you get there by taxi/grab, the cost around 20,000 dong.


Some of the pictures in the War Remnants Museum may be scaring to young children. The human fetuses deformed by Agent Orange are on display in jars on the ground floor of the museum. Many photographs show human remains, corpses, wounded and maimed villagers.

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