Ho Chi Minh City (commonly known as Saigon) is the biggest city in Vietnam. It has long been known as the Pearl of the Far East not only because of its prosperity but also by the harmony of natural beauty. Come to Saigon once if possible, and maybe you will realize the wonders of the land and people here.

Our confession

Saigon is a beautiful city surrounded by the romantic Saigon River. It is the land you really should visit once in your lifetime, however, it still has some problems like pollution, overcharges, and traffic jam. On this website, we would like to guide you step by step to explore this city as well as avoid unwanted things. See, enjoy, and tell us what Saigon is to you!



The application of technology to travel is the current trend, and we write this book is also in that trend, what you need is a smartphone and Ho Chi Minh City will belong to you! The book consists of 6 chapters, provides you with essential information about Ho Chi Minh City as destinations, cuisine, tour suggestions and other information. This is the gift from Saigon we give you. Hopefully, this book will accompany you during your stay in Saigon. Meet in Saigon!

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