ho chi minh city characteristics

Ho Chi Minh City (commonly known as Saigon) is a city has over 300 years old. However, it still grows every day and is the most dynamic city in Vietnam. In cultural, Saigon belongs to oriental culture with its own characteristics. If possible you should go to Saigon once and feel its life source, you will probably recognize the wonders.


Vietnam is a national leader in coffee exports, so long ago, drinking coffee has become the culture. Saigon people often enjoy coffee in the morning at roadside coffee shops after having breakfast. There are two main kinds: "ca phe sua da" (iced milk coffee) and "ca phe da" (iced coffee).

 "Ca Phe Da" is using Vietnamese coffee (Usually used Robusta coffee) with a small metal Vietnamese drip filter (Phin coffee). Add about 1-2 teaspoons of coffee to Phin, then pour about 50-100ml of hot water, the drip filter releases drops of hot coffee slowly into a cup. After complete, this cup of hot coffee is added ice and sugar. Saigon people often drink coffee with milk instead of sugar, they usually add 1-2 tablespoons of condensed milk, it is called "Ca Phe Sua Da" 

Saigon person familiar with the roadside cafe and that's part of their lives. Besides, Saigon has another popular way to drink coffee that is "bet coffee".

"Bet coffee" is without tables, chairs and coffee shops. You just go to a park, sitting on the ground and will have a person come to sell coffee to you. Drinking, chatting with friends and watching motorcycle running, perhaps it would be an unforgettable memory for you.


The Oriental culture very cared to culinary, food is not only delicious but also beautiful.

Saigon is the crossroad of culinary cultures. From the Oriental cuisine to Western cuisine. If your first visit to Saigon or any part of Vietnam, you may be unfamiliar by using chopsticks, vegetable soups or innumerable kind of sauces.

Saigon has long been famous as a street food paradise. Whether you go anywhere, from alleys to the main roads you will see counters or small shops selling street food.


The main religion in Vietnam is Buddhism so pagodas are a big part of Vietnamese's spiritual. In addition, with the wet rice civilization, the Vietnamese worship the gods that affect their crops as the God of Land, God of Money and Moon. They often burn incense every evening to worship died relatives and the gods.
When you come to Saigon, do not forget to go to pagodas. Come, pray, and maybe good things will come to you!


Ho Chi Minh City besides called Saigon also has another name is The non-sleeping city because as late at night, Saigon more beautiful and striking.

As of late, cafes, bars and pubs increasingly more crowded. Saigon people's are generous and hospitable so they often gathered friends at night to chat and sip a glass of rice wine.

If you have the opportunity to Saigon, try on a pub, drink a sip of rice wine, say hello with those around and then they will talk to you like two longtime friends.