Start Planning Your Trip

We recommend that you plan for your Ho Chi Minh City trip. You can refer to our website and some other website to outline a preliminary plan. You should note the main ideas below. 

1. Length of stay in Saigon

The optimal length stay in Saigon is 4 - 5 days, includes:

  • 2 - 3 days to explore Saigon.
  • 1 day for Cu Chi Tunnels by booking a tour.
  • 1 day for Mekong Delta by booking a tour.

2.  Get a Visa

You can apply for a visa at the representative offices of Vietnam in your country (case 1) or by E-visa (case 1).

Case 1: Please visit the  website

Case 2: Please visit the E-Visa website.

3.  Estimated cost

How much do you intend to spend? For what? (airfare, meals, travel, accommodation, entrance ticket and costs incurred).

You can consult the Wiki column.

4.  Book an accommodation 

Where will you be? Hotels or motels? You can make a reservation through the

5.  What places will you go?

You can consult the Destinations column.

5. What food will you enjoy?

You can consult the Food & Drink column.



To use mobile services in Saigon, you have two choices.

Option 1: Roaming into Vietnam if you want to use your  previous SIM

Option 2: Buy a SIM of Vietnam's Mobile network operator (MNO) (you should buy at Tan Son Nhat airport or any roadside-shops have the word "SIM_CARD" ).

We encourage you to choose this option because of the convenience. The price of SIM just around 50 000 - 100 000 dong (3-5$)

Registering 4G services (or mobile internet services).

If you are using international roaming, you should contact your MNO are using.

If you bought a SIM of Vietnam's MNO, you can self-register or ask the employee of MNO to register.

  1. Self-register: We encourage you to use the daily 4G  or a month, for daily 4G services you have over 1,2GB for use within 24 hours, you should extend daily (systems will auto-extend).
    Daily 4G services:
    + For Mobifone: You type D7 send 999 (7,000 dong, you have 1.2GB to use).
    + For Vinaphone: You type D2 ON send 888 (10,000 dong, you have 2GB).
    + For Viettel: You type MT7 send 191 (7000 dong, 1,2GB)
    Monthly 4G services:
    + For Viettel: You type MiMax send 191 (70,000 dong).
    + For Mobifone: You type MO MIU send 9084 (70,000 dong).
    + For Vinafone: You type ON MAX send 6088 (70,000 dong).
    To choose suitable services you should ask MNO's employee at the airport or directly ask the operator:
    + Viettel operator : 1800 8198 (free).
    + Mobifone operator: 9393 (for foreigners).
    +Vinaphone operator: 9192 (for foreigners, 200 dong/minute).
    You should call the operator before registration services.
  2. Buy 4G Vietnammobile SIM (highly recommend): Only use the internet (no call) no registration needed.


  1. Saving the phone number of the embassy (or consulate) of your country in Vietnam.
  2. An additional copy of passport, travel insurance and air tickets to provide in case of loss.
  3. If possible, you should learn some basic sentences to communicate in Vietnamese. You can consult the Local Dictionary column.
  4. Carrying some kind of medicines such as colds, coughs, gastrointestinal disorders, and headaches.
  5. Carefully store your valuable things in the hotel, regularly checking windows and doors before going out.
  6. Checking careful papers and money when going out.


  1. Should not carry large amounts of money and valuables.
  2. Should not go to deserted places, especially in the evening.


Have you planned for yourself? Let's discover our country, you maybe will recognize the marvelous things! Don't forget we are always with you.


Exploring and experiencing local culture is the dream of most of us, but to do that is not easy, especially for the complex city like Saigon. So we would like to introduce and give you a gift, which is the Saigon Travel Guide Book. We hope this book will accompany you during your stay in Saigon. You can read and download here.

If you have questions, please contact us at the email address: [email protected]. We will answer as soon as possible. See you in Saigon!