We are students from several universities in Ho Chi Minh City. For spirit and enthusiasm of youth, we expect to bring as much useful information as possible and an overview of  Ho Chi Minh City to foreign tourists. We are not any travel agency, nor is it a tourism organization, we are just a group of young people passionate about travel. What we do is providing basic information about Ho Chi Minh City to foreign friends as locals.

what we do

Vietnam is a beautiful country with majestic natural scenery and friendly people. However, for many reasons, Vietnam tourism has not developed as its potential. We are young people, wish to bring international friends useful information about Vietnam to make your trip more complete.

At first, we only operate in Saigon, because we are studying there, and we are also preparing for further progress, which is expanding to other localities in Vietnam.

Although we have tried our best, this is the first edition so it is difficult to avoid mistakes, we hope you will skip and send us a message or email for us to be more complete.


Our current projects


Saigon Travel  Free Guide Book

The Saigon Travel Guide Book consists of 6 chapters, provides you with essential information about Ho Chi Minh City. You can read and download here.


Saigon travel guide free ebook


Hillary Saigon Homestay

Located in Ho Chi Minh City Centre, and surrounded by famous landmarks such as Ben Thanh Market and Bui Vien, we hope Hillary Saigon Homestay will be the great stay for you. Come here, enjoy a cup of "Cafe Sua Da" and tell us what Saigon is in you!


Hillary Saigon Homestay
Hillary Saigon Homestay


Exploring and experiencing local culture is the dream of most of us, let's experience Saigon in your own way. You will probably have some problems here, but maybe it will be a great memory for you. Meet in Saigon!


Saigontraveling.com & Hillary Saigon Homestay.