We recommend that you plan for your trip. You can refer to our website and some other website to outline a preliminary plan. You should note the main ideas below. We are always with you!


You can apply for a visa at the representative offices of Vietnam in your countries (case 1) or by E-visa (case 1).

Case 1: Please visit Visa column.

Case 2: Please vist E-Visa column.


2. Total estimated cost

How much do you intend to spend? For what? (airfare, meals, travel, accommodation, entrance ticket and costs incurred).

You can consult the Cost column.


3. Accommodation

Where will you be? Hotels or motels? You can make a reservation through the website TripAdvisor or direct booking.


4.  What places will you go?

You can consult the Destinations column and Discovery column.


5. What food will you enjoy?

You can consult the Food & Drink column.


You had planned for yourself? Let's discover our country, you maybe will recognize the marvelous things! Don't forget we are always with you.

If you have questions or want to explore Ho Chi Minh City with us, you can consult the Messenger column or contact us at the email address: We will answer as soon as possible.