Travel Apps

The application of technology to travel is the current trend, what you need is a smartphone and Ho Chi Minh City will belong to you! Here we will guide you to use some basic apps to help you explore Ho Chi Minh City easier and more enjoyable.


Google Maps is an application so popular, we will not guide how to use google maps because perhaps anyone knows how to use. Here we will guide you how to enter the name of the Vietnamese places into google maps.

Vietnamese as well based on the alphabet but has diacritical marks. To enter into Google Maps, you need to erase diacritical marks.

For example, Nguyễn Huệ you will enter  Nguyen Hue. (Even if the name of places no diacritical mark, you do not need to erase). Illustration below.


When you enter Nguyen Hue, the system will automatically propose to you. You click on the first option (We highlighted in red).

Another example, you want to go to the address: " 10 Phan Bội Châu", you will enter is: "10 Phan Boi Chau". You select the first result that is the address you are looking for.

In our website, we wrote no diacritical mark, simply enter into Google Maps the name of places as we have written on the website.


Google Translate: You select your language translation into Vietnamese. This is a very popular application, and perhaps we do not need to guide you.

Busmap: This is a very useful app to help you take the bus in Ho Chi Minh City as Vietnam. We were guided in the Bus column.

Grab and Go-Viet: These are two pretty good apps for you to order taxis.