Can Gio Mangrove Forest

It's hard to believe in Ho Chi Minh City has a wonderful place, where there are mangrove forest, sea, and endless salt fields. Can Gio Mangrove Forest is an important wildlife sanctuary in Vietnam as it is characterized by a wetland biosystem dominated by mangrove.


Can Gio Mangrove Forest

Vietnamses: Cần Giờ.

Can Gio Biosphere Reserve is a wetland located 50 km southeast of central Ho Chi Minh City.  Can Gio is a very wide area and has many attractions as:

Vam Sat Biosphere Reserve

This is the main area of the Can Gio Biosphere Reserve. This area is very large and has many interesting things, however, the way is relatively difficult and complicated. Please visit the website: for more details.

The Can Gio beach (30/4 beach)

Perhaps this is the most amazing destinations in Can Gio. Can Gio beach featuring colored sand and dark sea water color than others by the mangroves, the beach is relatively unspoiled and uncrowded.

Along the coast there are many restaurants with reasonable prices, you should enjoy seafood here.

Can Gio beach at sunset

Can Gio seafood


From Ben Thanh Market to Can Gio mangrove forest is about 50 km.  Actually, the way to Can Gio is very hard to go, you should go with the natives. 

You should go to Can Gio by bus, combine both Google Maps and Bus Map apps for more convenience.

In departure, you enter: "Ben Thanh Market".

In destination, you enter: "Bien Can Gio".

Then click on Directions

Then appears a direction, you select the first direction, and follow the instructions.

Go to Can Gio mangrove forest by bus

Similarly, if you depart from another place.

Note: After you gone the bus 75, you have to cross the river by ferry (Binh Khanh ferry, ferry fares: 1,500 dong) then continue to catch the bus 90.


As mentioned above, the way to Can Gio is quite hard to go so you should go with the natives or book a tour (30-50$)

Dress neatly, wear shoes because most of the time you will have to go into the forest and bring a pair of slippers to go on the coast.

Time exploring about half a day, if you go by bus, you should go early in the morning (around 7:00 am) and leave in the afternoon (before 6:00 pm).

You should bring water and snacks enough for a long trip.



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